About Us

HOTLINEGLASSUSA  manufactures electrically heated inter-layers for use in any application where de-frost or de-ice capabilities
are required in a transparent laminate. We also embed antenna wire in the inter layer.

We are now ISO 2001-2015- ANSI/ISO/ASQ  Q9001-2015 Compliant

Our proprietary technology consists of embedded tungsten wire resistors in various types of interlayers. These interlayers include
PVB (Poly-Vinyl Butyral), ATPU (Aliphatic Thermoplastic Poly-Urethanes) and other substrates. The wires can be straight, curved
or with a sinus wave structure (wiggle-wires) and conform to a variety of shapes.

When laminated in between glass and connected to an electric power source, the wires produce heat that warms the glass surface.
Our application process, the small size of our wires (13-44 micron), the small frequency of our wave and the tight spacing of adjacent
wires all contribute to a final product with excellent optics.

Our product is used in automotive windshields and rear glass windows. The wires are almost invisible and do not disturb the driver’s view.
Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes –  among other automotive companies – use this technology in several models.
Other applications include heated glazing for military vehicles, train, bus, aerospace, off-road equipment and marine windows.

Since we independently design each circuit for a given application  we can provide various degrees of heat output for a particular
size and shape.  From gentle de-fogging of refrigerated displays to severe -50F de-ice applications, HOTLINEGLASS USA can design
the product to meet your specifications.

HOTLINEGLASS USA builds on the combined manufacturing experience of HOTLINEGLASS GmbH (Aachen, Germany).

HOTLINEGLASS USA manufactures and supplies heated interlayers for military windows, automotive windshields and rear windows,
rail, bus and aerospace glazing.

Our plant is located in Butler, PA, and our embedding machines operate in a clean-room environment with controlled temperature
and relative humidity. All our processes are controlled through an ISO-9001 based quality system, and all our heated mats
undergo 100% inspection – fully tested before packaging and shipping to our customers.

Heated Interlayers:
Heating laminated glass with interlayers using our embedded wire technology provides several advantages over other glass
heating technologies, including optical quality, design flexibility from small to large areas to complex shapes, lower power requirement,
heat uniformity and the ability to apply to different substrates.

It is the only heating solution that works effectively at about 4 – 6 Watts / square decimeter using only 13.8 Volts and allowing more than 95% visible light transmission – suitable for automotive windshields.


  • Military Vehicles
    –De-frosting and de-icing capabilities for windshields and all transparent armor needs
  • Automotive
    –Windshields, Front, rear and side windows
  • Transit
    –Rail car and locomotive windows / Bus windshields and side windows
  • Aerospace
    –Light-jet windshields
  • Off-Road Equipment
    –Windshields and cab windows
  • Marine
    –Pilot-house windows

Typical capabilities for the applications include:

  • Power density 0.2 – 1.5 Watts / square inch (3 – 24 W / dm2)
    de-frost (grocery store refrigerated display) approx. 0.1W / sq.in. at 120V– de-frost (vehicle) 0.25-0.40 W / sq.in. at 12V
  •  de-ice (vehicle) 0.5-0.6 W / sq.in. at 12V-24V
  • mega de-ice (military vehicle) 1.2 – 1.5 W / sq.in. at 24V
  • Voltage: 12, 24, 74, 110-240 V